Mike's Corner                   
May 2004

The Limousine 

     I stood on the street corner near the McDonald’s restaurant waiting for my girlfriend. The brisk coolest air was floating down from the high rise lined street. It felt like a chance to put on a heavy jacket. I was standing there watching the street light cycle back and forth; red and green stopping briefly at yellow. There was no pedestrian crossing light at this corner. The traffic was alternating through the intersection, a thin blue car, then a thick black Mercedes. The light on the main street turned red and the cars came to an abrupt halt. I was looking out at these dashing cars and was thinking that it possibly could rain later on today, the clouds were supporting my assumption and I could think that it was going to get kind of gloomy later on. I looked down the street and met my gaze upon this black limousine– a stretch, I think. It was idling very loudly as I could hear the engine from my street corner position. The wipers were going left and right and I surmised that the driver just washed the front windshield. I gazed my head right and saw that the opposite light was changing to yellow, so this meant that the limousine was going to leave soon.
    The street was deserted except for another car parked next to the limo and another man walking into McDonalds. As I gazed my stare back and forth along the street the limo was just starting to move. It was going slow through the intersection and was coming to a stop at the corner where I was standing. The driver kept the limo idling and got out of the left door and walked over to the corner where I was standing. He came to the back door and stood there for a short time. Dressed in all-black evening wear and sporting a black driver’s cap, he was a little stolid, but otherwise bearing a respectable attire. His hand was on the door handle now and he started to open the door.




   The door swung open to release a fragrant body odor somewhat like Obsession. The blond girl got out of the seat and forced herself out of the door. She headed across the sidewalk and into the McDonalds. I gazed back and forth, up and down the street looking for my girlfriend. She was nowhere to be seen. I continued to wait for her leaning against the street light pole.





     Working is an adverb that means you are sharing your experience.  It can be strictly for money; which is not as fulfilling as working for pleasure. It can be for friendship; the mutual feeling between two people who share interests.

     All a person has to do is find a job that is suited to their habits and work to keep the job.  With time, a person gets to know the job and likes to go to work. It doesn’t get to be boring and a waste of time in a person’s day.              

    Lauren and I go every-where and spend a good load of time together. We love each other sooooo much that we can not be a-part for the slightest of moments and must travel with one objective in mind. A lot of people would be like this and should be, because love is a grand function of life on Earth. When we travel to other planets, we should travel together and preach togetherness to the races we meet on other planets.








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