Constitution Essay Contest

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The Long Standing American Constitution


Michael Fitzpatrick


         The method of enjoying our very much undulating system of government should be addressed by every American who is loyal to our way of Democracy. We as very interested involved civic-minded individuals, as I have been for a very long time. I have witnessed our system of economic survival of business shift from a proud agrarian system to one of a service connected informational economy. You might question my bringing up this in an essay about the constitution, but it is very relevant to the many facets of congress’s signing or vetoing the amendment. We have almost grown complacent, in that for the most part our view of the politicians now has become such that most people consider them just another temporary job. We do not get enough information about the legislation branch of our government and are surprised when things are put on the “ fast “ track to completion. Like a pot boiling on the stove, if it is too high it will boil over culminating in a mess to clean up.

       I have embarked on a mission to explain my view on the ratifying or denial of bills. It all ends up in the Supreme Court at some time. All it takes is for one individual not to like the way the legislation branch reacted to that individual in on Pennsylvania Avenue. I have enclosed a copy of the required topic for perusal and it has necessary background, the second amendment does not have anything to guarantee your right to keep and bear weapons of choice. I say, choice because I also bring up another issue that is at the heart of most Americans; the Roe V. Wade debacle. It is well-known that senior Bush and the current seated presidency is for an appeal of this. Anybody with any connection with schooling, libraries, or television news can attest to the accuracy of the philosophy. This fundamental [ choice ]  no doubt at the center of the whole debate and is reflected in the reduction of freedom of such things as speech and choice. This freedom has made our country what it really is made constructed with. The original signers of the very important document did not mean to have it scrutinized in very long difficult language that only an attorney can understand. It is just these kind of amendments that catch up and eat away at our type of democratic government.                                           [ top ]

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       Relying on one branch of government to approve or disapprove of things is not a correct philosophy and could be confused with achieving and maintaining one’s wealth for their own good. This is only apparent when the [ pols ] make so-called laws for capitalistic interests that only benefit themselves. This really hurts the disadvantaged and miss-trained, the poor, the hard working. It also gives the ones that can afford to pay for attorneys a leg up on the fore-mentioned people. Only trouble can come if people’s rights are abused as these complicated bills erasing laws that have been in force, some for generations. As my view on the second amendment, I believe it should be appealed, because with guns as an option the police will have a need to control the who will use this amendment in the conviction of felonies.


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