(Project Outline)

Composition Two

Week Two [ Argument List ]

Michael Fitzpatrick

Controversial Topic:   Environmentally safe auto fuel.

        I.   Introduction

                    A.   Clean burning fuel.

                                  -warming the Earth

                                   -ozone depletion of atmosphere

                        B.    Better cleaner fuel., controlling better gas

                                mileage for using less fuel at fill-ups.

      We must bind together as humans to fix Earth’s atmosphere, the ozone layer; a reversal of global warming.

      The humankind on Earth must use the process to get Earth back on track., because major

      fossil-fuel oil companies making money from  dirty fuel gasoline, when there is more

      domestically available fuel on shore.  Kits available to convert current and future cars would be 

      installed by  mechanics


December 12, 2006

Letter to the Editor: 

The near future should bring about a large change in automotive fuel additive distribution.  It is very important that those concerned convince the dirty oil scoundrels that they are using a cheap, high pollutant fuel for our fleet of cars.  A nearly clean fuel exists in abundance, that American companies practically own the patents on the process; it is clean-burning high alcohol content gasoline.  The Earth is rising in temperature several degrees every year and the cold and ice are decreasing in size.  The ozone in the atmosphere is being decreased in quantity every year due to our reliance on these and other greenhouse gases.  It would be very cheap to convert the cars on the road to burn this fuel and switch the gas stations to the fuel that we can make from our abundance of our grown corn.  The ‘hillbillies’ of the south make this ‘ hooch’ and it could be a higher flammable fuel for our cars.  It is this higher-octane fuel that is clean burning.

The fuel can be easily manufactured in our refinery-like plants.  A major supporter of this process for years is ADM ( Archer, Daniels, Midland) who is a large holder of the high alcohol corn oil, because of their laboratory progress and a whole lot of farm plantations that they grow the corn on.  They use this corn in their process of developing this fuel and would stand to benefit; they are a publicly traded company such as today’s oil companies. 

The major oil companies are set up around the world to make America import foreign-owned fossil pumped oil from the ground.  It is this reason that they are fighting this new process tooth and nail.  They stand to lose a lot of money and will have to convert their station pumps; a process that would not cost them more than the cost to upgrade the cars on the road today. 

Human beings with a conscience should realize we have abused the world we were born on for the wrong reasons.  People who benefited up to now are the major oil companies and their stockholders.   Today, we have these companies being taken over by foreign oil companies and interests and are heavily invested with mid-east suppliers like OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries).  This is a cartel that keeps costs leveled with market place.  These members have arranged and held the price of their fuel over our head for many years, and our own oil companies just go along for the ride.  We need to start relying on a process that we can domestically produce, such as this 90% content gasoline from corn.  It is a cleaner burning fuel and will drive more cars more economically than old fossil fuels.  This fuel can be made very cheaply in our own refineries, and the source is renewable; corn can be grown in abundance on American farms.  We also can produce enough corn for food, for America and exportation.

The Earth’s atmosphere is heating up from the burning of dirty fuel.  The cars on the street right now can be easily modified to run on this high alcohol fuel and will be better for driving, better for the engines, and will be better for the environment.  The maintenance of the cars will be better because the inspections and maintenance will be done easier and with more integrity, due to the ease of taking care of the car; less sludge in the engine, better exhaustions from exhaust system, and better use of car for more mileage.  We will be better off at breathing when the atmosphere is getting back to healthier air.  The current fuel is only 10% ethanol, which is what is going into our air and what is left in our engines as sludge. 


The cars that are on the road from years before and the new ones can be easily modified by a kit that can be supplied by our American car producers in a design change, which should not even need recall.  The process will not, or should not interfere with the corn we produce for the food supply.  Our American farms that grow corn for the food stuffs of even the world can supply the refineries with the necessary raw materials for this process without eating away at the supermarkets of the world.  The kit can be easily installed by the owner’s mechanic and once the need is in place, the stations today will switch over to storing this fuel.  They probably will have to scrub their tanks, although this should have to be done less frequent than current stations now endure.  Mileage of cars will go up because the fuel will quadruple in octane; it will burn leaner and cleaner.  Eventually, our own produced gasoline supply will reduce in cost for everyone, without a need of the strategic reserve that is always used by this government. 

The Earth needs us to pay attention and meet our plans to heal the Earth’s atmosphere (ozone) by taking an American stand and using our clout with the world as the biggest, richest country on Earth.  We have to lead the rest of the world into joining the human race in helping our planet heal the much worn planet’s ills.  It can be done, by cooperation of American plants, refineries, farms, and car dealers.  I concentrate on American models, because I have always had faith in America’s producers to do the right thing.  We will all breath happier and healthier in the coming years; if we do not listen to the carpet-baggers. 

The newest kid on the block in the gasoline market is made from the corn that we so abundantly produce on our own farms from sea to shining sea.  It is made into a 90% alcohol fuel that can easily run our complete vehicles, new or old; with only slight modification.  The world needs high octane fuel, or it will continue choking day after day into the cloudy future. 

Michael Fitzpatrick